Foam mattress, hybrid, innerspring, and latex mattress. These names can be intimidating for a first-time mattress buyer, and you might end up with a cushion that does not fit your lifestyle or sleeping habits. To avoid these little confusions, you can go through reviews on that lists names of the top award-winning mattresses. They are exactly what recommends for a comfortable sleep at night.

How do you make sure that the bedding is right for you? Take help from these tips.

Know Your Mattresses
Identify the different mattresses available in the market. These days you can find names like classic firm, memory-foam, and latex mattress. Here’s a list of the 5 common types of bedding:
· Memory-foam: They have a unique feature to contour to your body and distributes your body weight evenly across the bed.
· Innerspring mattress: One of the oldest and popular mattress ideas, materials like foams, fibres, and extra steel springs offer you a great degree of comfort.
· Hybrid mattress combines the benefits of memory foam cushion and the feel of an innerspring mattress.
· A latex mattress is durable and supports sleepers without causing pressure on hips and other areas.
· Foam mattress is available in materials like gel foam and memory foam, and they provide comfort who sleepers who tend to move around the mattress at night.

Address Your Physical Needs
· Do you sleep on your back, side or stomach? Some mattresses are designed specifically for a particular sleeping position.
· If you have difficulty in movement, you must consider buying a mattress that eases the process of getting out of bed.
· How much physical space do you and your sleeping partner require? A queen-size bed is sufficient for average-built couples. However, if you are tall, a king-size bedding will be ideal.

How much are you willing to spend on a good quality mattress? Price ranges from $500 and above. When you know what exactly you want and how much budget is set aside, your task becomes simpler. Most of the mattress stores sell accessories like a pillow cover, bedspread, bed frame, and other optional items. Buy them only if you feel they are absolutely vital for you.

Do Research On The Mattress Store
· Make a list of all the mattress stores in your vicinity. Read reviews posted by customers to help you arrive at a logical conclusion. If you liked a particular bedding in a store, you can always go back and purchase them.
· Once you are in the store, ensure that you get a feel of the mattress you are interested in. If you feel uneasy or you are not comfortable, it will not make you feel better at home.
· Check an expensive mattress first to experience what level of comfort it offers. You can later compare it with the other economically priced cushions until you find the one that meets your personal requirements.
· Don’t just sit on the mattress and judge its comfort level. Lie down comfortably on the bedding and arrive at a conclusion. If you are impatient to be prepared to face disappointment once you take the mattress home.

Use The Trial Period To Your Advantage
Your body takes time to get used to the new mattress, and after a period of three to seven days you should get an answer to these questions:
· Do you wake up feeling fresh or is there body ache and soreness in the body?
· Do you toss around in your bed or does your back sink comfortably inside the mattress?

Despite precautionary measures, if you are not comfortable with your new bedding, it is best to return it at the earliest.