Golf Rangefinders

If you are an ardent golfer, you would know that playing the game requires accuracy and precision. Earlier, manual methods were used to calculate distances to the centre or obstacles, which was time-consuming and often the measurements were prone to errors. In the present age, with the growth of technology, it would do justice to say that bushnell tour v3 jolt standard edition golf laser rangefinder has been a boon to golfers.

According to a writer at, finding the right rangefinder requires acumen. Should you buy a laser golf rangefinder or settle for a GPS-enabled device? The following section will take you through each benefit.

Benefits of laser rangefinder
This equipment makes use of a laser beam to measure distances between two points. They operate on the time of flight principle where a narrow beam of light is directed towards the object, and time taken by the laser to rebound off the target and reach the sender is calculated. These tools provide accurate estimates and can be used for important matches.

Excellent battery life
These rangefinders have an excellent battery life that can last for several matches and rounds. This way you don’t have to bother about replacing the batteries or recharging them after use.

Magnifies objects
At times, you would have noticed the use of a binocular in the golf course. With a laser rangefinder, you have the highest magnification rate, and you get a clear view of the target.

On the flip side
It takes the time to get accustomed to these gadgets. Initially, you might face problems striking the target as the laser rangefinder senses the flags rather than the targets near the woods. With the passage of time, you will be able to pick up the skills and hit the target.

Pros of GPS range finder
With a GPS-enabled rangefinder, you get access to fine details of the playing area. The locations are mapped and stored in the device. Few of the devices highlight the wooded areas in green or use a different color to represent obstacles.

No steadiness needed
Unlike the laser rangefinder, you do not have to adjust the lens or zoom in for a better view. A GPS-driven device gives the presence of obstacles and yardages without you touching the gadget.

Covers hidden objects
All GPS rangefinders provide yardages to objects that are out of view. These include hidden targets behind trees. Note that the basic models cover length up to the front, middle and the rear of the golf course. There are additional features like scorecards and statistics for the player.

Satellite technology can be very tricky. If the weather is unfavorable or the course has not been mapped, you will have a tough time. The presence of trees and poor reception of signals affect the working of the gadget.

Weigh your options wisely, taking into account the budget and frequency of use of the device. While disadvantages should not serve as deciding factor, judge from your experience and buy the best rangefinder for your game.