There are types or many methods of producing an example. All these methods has press and its unique procedure especially employed for making the example. The visual artist should thus familiarize herself nicely having a specific method before utilizing and implementing it for the graphic design product’s manufacturing. Types of a few of the methods in example are:

1. Pen and wash- This example method entails the drawing of the traces of the example in pen. Printer can be used to review the driven collections in pen. A little volume of the printer is diluted with water in a light tone when it’s dry. Wash can be used to use the color in the drawing’s deeper regions. The colored regions are cleaned to produce different shades to create the types of the example out. the utilization of pencil lines makes tougher the traces. It’s employed for town, brochures and industry moments, style style publications, book addresses etc.

2. Pencil and printer- This Is Actually The utilization of ink and pencil utilizing the covering techniques to enhance the types within the drawing and to attract the traces of the drawing. It’s employed for pictures in papers, publications and publications.

3. Smooth color artwork- within this method, the colors are decorated smooth without any gradation in tone. The sides of the colored drawings’ parts are unique and pointed, placing the distinction within the parts of the drawing. It’s employed handmade cards etc, for pictures in tale books, street signs.

4. Practical artwork- This Is Actually The drawing of items because they really come in nature to exhibit excellent specifics. It’s employed in publications for ad, style magazine and pictures.

5. Outline- Here Is The completing the internal component evenly with dark color or printer and making of the traces of the drawing in pen. Facts simply the traces define the items are found are not shown by outline images. They’re employed for street signs, pictures in magazines etc, bundle icons.

6. Cartooning- This is satirical numbers with high forms or the development of funny. This example method can be used for showing publications etc, children books, papers.

7. Photography- Here Is The taking of pictures of moments and actual things from a camera’s utilization. It offers the precise similarity of moments and the items. Pictures are utilized for cards, papers etc, publications.