Few Vital Brain Hacks To Boost Motivation

boost your motivation

When it comes to motivation, our human brain operates uniquely. Interestingly, our brain works differently in various contexts. To achieve personal satisfaction, our brain works on internal or intrinsic motivation and while it chooses to work on external or extrinsic motivation for avoiding punishment and to get a larger reward. However, it is rare to find the motivation to finish the given work. In this unique context, brain hacks are considered to be the best option to increase your motivation. By browsing the website, www.entrepreneur.com readers can get some tips on this interesting subject. This article is primarily written to educate the readers to know few brain hacks in order to get motivated so that any task can be made useful as well productive.

In case the aspect of procrastination is overpowering you, you need to focus on a big picture of your desired goals. By doing this act, one can focus on bigger goals and know the fact that more you do the more you get. Knowing the purpose of your action and connect it to your larger goals will do the trick for you.

Over or excess thinking is considered to be more dangerous and will be a detrimental factor in blocking your motivation. More often such unproductive thoughts can increase your stress levels to a great extent. Here the best brain hacks are to stay motivated in achieving smaller goals and eliminate over thinking. According to experts, your stress levels shrink your brain in its ability to function. A relaxed brain always acts smarter and fast which brings higher productivity.

More often we get angry when things are not happening as per our desire, causing a mental-block about the situation or with the person who has created such a situation. Instead of losing our temper, it is better to sit and relax and find an alternative approach.

Many of us carry a negative perception before commencing any new task due to the bad experience. Keep in mind that nothing in this world is permanent and still our life moves on. Use the brain hacks to train your mind to concentrate on the brighter side. You are sure to get the best results and create a new experience.

Strengthening your good memories is a good way to increase your motivation. Take pride in your good memories without being overzealous. Enhance the positivity by creating your memories bright and sound.

Motivate yourself by eating some brain hacking food products such as egg white, turkey, cottage cheese. These products produce an important chemical called Catecholamine which is considered to be vital in focusing your goals.

Self- belief is known to be the best motivator and hence start your goals in small to get better motivated in a better way. This is an important brain hack which you can try. Keep in mind the adage that says “slow and steady wins the race.” In today’s context, there is no big or small, but it is smart or dull.