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Easy Methods For Growing Kratom


Are you fed up of seeing the same old plants in your garden or in your house? Are you looking for a new plant to grow? Then why not grow a Kratom plant. Kratom is originally found in warm, tropical parts of the world. This plant is anonymous to most people. But it’s slowly gaining popularity amongst people who love to plant different types of trees as shown in sites like Many find it hard to grow the Kratom plant from seed. Even people who are experienced in planting trees in greenhouses find it difficult to maintain this plant which they have started growing from the seed.

You should remember that the Kratom seed only remains viable for a very short time. So it’s very important to plant the seed immediately. You can increase your chances of successfully growing a Kratom plant by following these tips

1. Before buying the seed, you need to remember that only fresh Kratom seeds will work. You need to ask the vendors to get the seed to you as fast as possible. Another thing you need to remember is that the seeds are very tiny. You need a lot of those seeds to get a single plant.

2. You need wet, rich and fertile humus soil which drains well. You need to water more often so that the soil remains damp. You should also check if the pot is clogged at the bottom. If it is clogged, there may be a chance of fungus and bugs appearing on the plant. You cant spray the plant with pesticide or fungicide as it may kill the Kratom plant.

3. Direct sunlight is bad for seed germination. Temperature below sixty degrees Fahrenheit will damage your plant within days. But once it grows past the seedling stage, the Kratom plant will be quite sturdy and hard and can withstand any harsh climate.

Keep these factors in mind before planting your own Kratom tree.

How To Answer Question – Tell Me About Yourself


The very motive of the job interviewer is to know about the job aspiring candidate in many possible ways. The interviewers always want to hire the best candidates. If you are a job seeker, you should mentally and physically be prepared to answer all sorts of questions asked by the interviewer. “Tell me about yourself?” is one of the most common interview questions. Though this question may sound something like a formality, it is a very important question for both the interviewer and the job-seeking a candidate. You can go through tell me about yourself interview example on the internet to know how to answer this question.

When answering the question on ‘tell me about yourself,’ the candidate should tell the facts that can really impress the interviewer and secure him a job. Some people go overboard and say things that are unwanted. The answer should be precise, and one should not take a very long time to respond a question. The job aspirant should prepare to take this question well in advance. Practice is the key to achieving perfection and success. If you have any friends or relatives, who have successfully cleared interviews, then you do not hesitate to get the tips.

If you do not have anyone near to help for your job interview, then there is nothing to worry. These days, you can prepare for the interviews by browsing the Internet. There are many websites like TCM that provides various job interview tips. Though you have already prepared and scripted your answer, you should never sound artificial. You should display lots of courage, smartness, and confidence while answering the questions. Interviewer always wants someone, who can perform well and stay in the job for years. So do not reveal information that can make your interviewer think that you may not last in the job for long. So, avoid telling about personal details that are not relevant to the job.